Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Hi Guys, so a breakdown of how I contour was requested ages ago and I hadn't got round to putting a post together. Finally here it is,

So lets start off with a bit of knowledge, I'm British so the correct word for (American contouring) is Shading. The reason we shade is to hide and define it is that simple. We might want to define our cheekbones and hide a crooked nose. Shading allows us to do this by darkening the area to fade and withdraw 'problem areas'. We then do the opposite by highlighting areas we want to enhance and push the features forward. The eyes are naturally drawn to the highlighted areas on the face which creates the fantastic illusion that your features are perfect. Highlighting is just as important as shading especially when creating a DIY nose job.

Does everyone need to shade- No
Would I shade on a day to day basis- No
I am I against shading- Hell No

Common mistakes people make-

Buying the wrong colour to shade or contour with- The colour should be at least 3 shades darker but not a red or orange undertone. The brown you are using should have a grey undertone.

Not blending in the shade/ contour correctly- for example when blending in your cheekbone, you blend upwards towards your hair line. If you blend down towards your mouth you will end up looking blotchy and muddy.

Shading or contouring areas that don't require the technique- fine example of this is people with small foreheads. If you add shade or a contour to a small forehead you will make it look even smaller. This is extremely strange as you could end up looking like a bad snapchat filter in real life.

In these images I used an orange/brown shade to display the lines. I done this because my grey tone browns would not show on camera.

Makeup Deets

Too faced born this way- foundation in Honey
Nars Creamy Concealer in Macadamia
RCMA palette for Shading
Morphe 35C 2nd row from the bottom- 2nd shade in from the left
Eylure Exaggerate 141's Lashes
Colour Pop Chi lip liner
Gerard Cosmetics Kimichi Doll lipstick
Colour Pop Fairy Floss lip gloss

I really hope this small explanation helped! If you need more in depth information you can book me for a lesson.

Thanks for reading my loves




  1. ❤️ Will have a go at the weekend x

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