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Baking baking baking, if you don't know this terminology when it comes to makeup. It basically is a method you use to set your concealer to prevent it separating under your eyes. Setting your concealer is an extremely important step when applying makeup. Have you ever applied all your makeup and then half way through the day check up on yourself to find dark bags with no concealer? If the answer is yes the most probable reason is that you didn't set it.

Baking is an intense and heavy way to set your concealer. You apply more product and you leave the product on your face for a considerable time before removing the excess.

Is baking an everyday step in your makeup routine...? Its up to the individual but I would definitely not be baking on a daily basis.

Is baking good for someone with dry skin or under eye wrinkles? NO, you can still lightly set your concealer but I would not recommend to bake because its drying and can enhance stronger lines.

What are the benefits to baking?

  • Concealer will stay on all day
  • Brightens up your under eye
  • Hides pores and smoothes out skin to perfection
  • Can clean up a muddy contour
  • Fantastic for oily skin
  • Great for photoshoots and stage work
What are the drawbacks to baking?
  • Baking is not suitable for all skin types i.e dry
  • Finding the right colour to bake for your skin colour can be difficult
  • Can be extremely drying if not done correctly
  • Can be ageing 
  • Very heavy look to makeup
  • Can look 'fake' 

How to set your concealer naturally?

Apply your setting powder with a brush and lightly pat the powder under your eye and sweep away excess product.

How to bake your concealer?

Apply your setting powder heavily with either a beauty blender or a sponge. You should pat large amounts of product all under your eyes in a V shape all the way to the sides of your nostrils. You should look like you have thick powder all under your eye. You can leave this on your face up to 10 minutes and you should feel your skin almost tighten where the powder is drying out your skin and fixing concealer into place. When happy sweep away excess powder with a brush and spray a setting spray all over the face to bring the skin back to life. You can also bake under your cheekbone contour lines to tidy it up. 

My favourite setting powder is Ben Nye Banana powder. This powder can be too yellow for white skin and too pale for darker skin tones. 

For white skin I recommend either RCMA no colour powder or Laura Mercier translucent powder.

For dark skin I recommend the Ben Nye range in a colour 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Ben Nye has a large range to choose from so you will have to look around. 

Be really careful when buying the Ben Nye products ebay and amazon are notorious for selling fakes of this product. I would only recommend from a professional makeup website here

Thank you so much for reading guys & girls, I would love to hear about your baking techniques in the comment section below. 

Kisses xx

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