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Saturday, 20 October 2018


We are overjoyed to annouce the amazing Forever Flowers UK is SPONSORING the upcoming Flawless Foundation Masterclass. Tickets are available for SALE NOW!  Don't miss out on a fantastic evening filled with Tips & Tricks and much more! 

Event Details
22nd November 18,  18:45 
Location- Helens Coffee on the Green, Chingford E4 7EX

Book via Email or Walk in to Helens Coffee on the Green


Friday, 19 October 2018

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Hi beautiful people,

So last week Kim Kardashian released her contour kit as we all know. Can you believe she reportedly made $14million in 10 minutes! She is literally a business mogul! Wishing a big congratulations to her and her glam squad on this achievement! Sadly I haven't managed to get my hands on the contour kit :( However I did recreate her look for the launch party! I absolutely loved how she looked even her hair which matched the look perfectly!

Let me know what you think of my recreation,

I really hope you liked my recreation <3 xx

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Baking baking baking, if you don't know this terminology when it comes to makeup. It basically is a method you use to set your concealer to prevent it separating under your eyes. Setting your concealer is an extremely important step when applying makeup. Have you ever applied all your makeup and then half way through the day check up on yourself to find dark bags with no concealer? If the answer is yes the most probable reason is that you didn't set it.

Baking is an intense and heavy way to set your concealer. You apply more product and you leave the product on your face for a considerable time before removing the excess.

Is baking an everyday step in your makeup routine...? Its up to the individual but I would definitely not be baking on a daily basis.

Is baking good for someone with dry skin or under eye wrinkles? NO, you can still lightly set your concealer but I would not recommend to bake because its drying and can enhance stronger lines.

What are the benefits to baking?

  • Concealer will stay on all day
  • Brightens up your under eye
  • Hides pores and smoothes out skin to perfection
  • Can clean up a muddy contour
  • Fantastic for oily skin
  • Great for photoshoots and stage work
What are the drawbacks to baking?
  • Baking is not suitable for all skin types i.e dry
  • Finding the right colour to bake for your skin colour can be difficult
  • Can be extremely drying if not done correctly
  • Can be ageing 
  • Very heavy look to makeup
  • Can look 'fake' 

How to set your concealer naturally?

Apply your setting powder with a brush and lightly pat the powder under your eye and sweep away excess product.

How to bake your concealer?

Apply your setting powder heavily with either a beauty blender or a sponge. You should pat large amounts of product all under your eyes in a V shape all the way to the sides of your nostrils. You should look like you have thick powder all under your eye. You can leave this on your face up to 10 minutes and you should feel your skin almost tighten where the powder is drying out your skin and fixing concealer into place. When happy sweep away excess powder with a brush and spray a setting spray all over the face to bring the skin back to life. You can also bake under your cheekbone contour lines to tidy it up. 

My favourite setting powder is Ben Nye Banana powder. This powder can be too yellow for white skin and too pale for darker skin tones. 

For white skin I recommend either RCMA no colour powder or Laura Mercier translucent powder.

For dark skin I recommend the Ben Nye range in a colour 2 shades lighter than your skin tone. Ben Nye has a large range to choose from so you will have to look around. 

Be really careful when buying the Ben Nye products ebay and amazon are notorious for selling fakes of this product. I would only recommend from a professional makeup website here

Thank you so much for reading guys & girls, I would love to hear about your baking techniques in the comment section below. 

Kisses xx

Monday, 12 June 2017


Hi guys, so this trend has been out for a while now and I just hadn't got round to trying it! I naturally do have freckles, I must admit I don't notice them but people often mention it. However the minute I put makeup on no matter how sheer the foundation my freckles are gone with the wind!

I'm still in two minds on if I think this trend is road worthy. Maybe its because it was on me and for the freckles to show on camera I literally had to draw spots on my face. Which inevitably made them look really fake lol. The camera still didn't pick them up a huge deal so sorry if you can't see them. As you can probably tell I was going for glow with this look, I had lipgloss on my eyelids just to see how wearable glossy lids are.

I would love your opinion on this look, would you wear it??

Thanks for reading my lovelies xx

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Hi Guys, so a breakdown of how I contour was requested ages ago and I hadn't got round to putting a post together. Finally here it is,

So lets start off with a bit of knowledge, I'm British so the correct word for (American contouring) is Shading. The reason we shade is to hide and define it is that simple. We might want to define our cheekbones and hide a crooked nose. Shading allows us to do this by darkening the area to fade and withdraw 'problem areas'. We then do the opposite by highlighting areas we want to enhance and push the features forward. The eyes are naturally drawn to the highlighted areas on the face which creates the fantastic illusion that your features are perfect. Highlighting is just as important as shading especially when creating a DIY nose job.

Does everyone need to shade- No
Would I shade on a day to day basis- No
I am I against shading- Hell No

Common mistakes people make-

Buying the wrong colour to shade or contour with- The colour should be at least 3 shades darker but not a red or orange undertone. The brown you are using should have a grey undertone.

Not blending in the shade/ contour correctly- for example when blending in your cheekbone, you blend upwards towards your hair line. If you blend down towards your mouth you will end up looking blotchy and muddy.

Shading or contouring areas that don't require the technique- fine example of this is people with small foreheads. If you add shade or a contour to a small forehead you will make it look even smaller. This is extremely strange as you could end up looking like a bad snapchat filter in real life.

In these images I used an orange/brown shade to display the lines. I done this because my grey tone browns would not show on camera.

Makeup Deets

Too faced born this way- foundation in Honey
Nars Creamy Concealer in Macadamia
RCMA palette for Shading
Morphe 35C 2nd row from the bottom- 2nd shade in from the left
Eylure Exaggerate 141's Lashes
Colour Pop Chi lip liner
Gerard Cosmetics Kimichi Doll lipstick
Colour Pop Fairy Floss lip gloss

I really hope this small explanation helped! If you need more in depth information you can book me for a lesson.

Thanks for reading my loves



Monday, 5 June 2017


It's my favourite time of year guys.... Wedding season :) Definitely the most stressful time for a makeup artist but still love it none the less.

Every bride is totally different but one thing they all have in common is they all know exactly what they want. They might pretend that they want you to be creative but when it gets down to it they have the look they want you to replicate sitting on their phone lol. 

Wedding makeup is supposed to be structured, beautiful yet understated. The skin is always key, the perfect nude lip essential, lashes fluttering and your eyeshadow must make your eyes glisten. 

My most recent bride was afraid of shimmery eyeshadow. Which I must say is a first for me, I definitely think she could have easily worn a shimmery eye. However this simplicity to her matte lid was just stunning. I really enjoyed working with my lovely bride, who looked amazing on her big day. Sometimes less is more with makeup and you never stop learning as an artist.

Let me know what you think of this makeup look? Would you wear a matte lid on your wedding day?? You can book me for a trial here.. xx

Wedding Trial 

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Turley xx
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